The ASNE Idea

The Annual School Needs Expo is the largest and most well- attended educational exhibition in Abuja held annually; the Annual School Needs Expo is organized by the SRC educational group, Nigeria. We write to inform you of the 9th showing of our highly anticipated and sought after event, the Annual School Needs Exhibition (ASNE).

As you know, getting across to an impactful number of decision makers in any industry, especially in todayís busy and highly competitive market, is FRUSTRATING; the Managing Directors, the Proprietors and Proprietresses, the decision makers; are constantly short on time, busy with lots of other official and personal activities, and are sometimes unable to create the extra time, to directly meet with you. So there is this secretary that receives your very nicely written proposal and forgets to give it to the boss. Fast forward to 60days after, when she has to tidy up her desk, your information full, and nicely written proposal, is nicely thrown into the bin, amongst other old and useless data.

Events like the Annual School Needs Exhibition are a big opportunity, for you to break through the barriers of bureaucracy, and have direct access to these decision makers- top CEOs, Presidents, Founders, School Owners, all under one roof, and pitch your unique ideas or products.


ASNE is a one stop sales point, for ALL Educational Resources and Personnel
ASNE showcases you to our vast network of over 3,500 clients, exhibitors, participants, school owners, decision makers, and stakeholders; within and outside Nigeria.
At ASNE, you meet your direct target audience, and close sales deals
We showcase your school products to prospective parents and investors
We run free adverts for you online for 6months
We make you visible on our school directory
We give free trainings, and expert advice
We make great sales happen FOR YOU

As at January 31st 2019, naira value gains by vendors, was estimated to about 149million naira across the years.

Our vast network of over 3,500 database of clients which consists of school owners, parents, influencers in the business community, decision makers and stakeholders in education within and outside Nigeria places us in the best position to assist you achieve your business goals for 2019. ASNE is guaranteed to give you less time spent, in putting out your message, to the right person(s).

Attend ASNE 2019 as a vendor! Be the first of about 60 select vendors, to take a stand, at the Annual School Needs Exhibition, 2019!

- Meet more than 95% of all the school owners in Abuja, FCT! - Meet school owners from other parts of Nigeria! - Network amongst 2,000 plus buyers all in one place! Network amongst other education services providers!

ASNE (Annual School Needs Expo) has recorded 8 successful years of business connections, promotion, visibility, sales and financial growth for over 150 local and international companies; ASNE has helped business owners, grow to their peak; and this year, being our 9th Edition, we invite you to be a part of this success story- come market and showcase your business products and services to your direct audience.

This epic event is scheduled to hold on:
Date: Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th of May, 2019
Time: 9am - 6pm daily
Venue: BMO Event Center, River Plate Garden, Wuse 2, Abuja.


-- Training sessions ongoing concurrently with the exhibition!
-- Special lunch time panel sessions with key note speakers!
-- Plenary sessions to boost your business!
-- Educator awards!
-- Raffle draw!
-- Wearability Parade- School uniforms and the Smart Educatorís fashion parade!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now, before stand options fill up. Start making a buzz on our high traffic and vibrant website! Create that visual image in the minds of your target market and have them start patronizing your business even before the exhibition commences! Start today!!